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Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues Blu-ray (Addicted)

anchorman2We catch up with Ron Burgundy (Will Ferrell) after he has left San Diego for New York City with his now wife and co-anchor Veronica Corningstone (Christina Applegate) and their son Walter Burgundy. But when legendary anchor Mack Tannen (Harrison Ford) decides to retire, he promotes Veronica to full time lead anchor and fires Ron. Ron’s shot at redemption comes not long after from Freddie Schapp (Dylan Baker), an executive producer at the fledgling Global News Network, the world’s first 24 hour round the clock news channel. Ron proceeds to reunite the news team of Champ (David Koechner), Brick (Steve Carell), and Brian (Paul Rudd) and brings them to New York where fame and fortune change everything.

Anchorman 2 is less a movie than a series of thinly connected sketches. Fortunately, a lot more of the gags are successful than not and contain many laugh out loud moments. Playing into this is the fact that director Adam McKay likes to simply let the camera run, evidenced by the fact that there was enough material to release an entirely different ‘super-sized’ version in theaters and on this Blu-ray on top of an extended and theatrical cut. McKay doesn’t appear to do much directing here at any point, all of these actors have been cultivating these characters for nearly a decade now. (more…)

‘Prince Avalanche’ delivers enough to warrant a royal visitation



Starting this weekend at the Cineplex Yonge/Dundas in Toronto is the newest from the director of “Pineapple Express” and the upcoming Nicolas Cage film “Joe”,David Gordon Green. “Prince Avalanche”. Avalanche is a small, inclusionary tale set against the backdrop of a wildfire and used the filing location of Bastrop, Texas to emulate the effects after the Bastrop County Complex fire of 2011.

Prince Avalanche

Starring Paul Rudd and Emilie Hirsh

Written and Directed by David Gordon Green

Meditative and stern Alvin (Rudd) and his girlfriend’s dopey, insecure brother Lance (Hirsch), leave the city behind to spend the summer in solitude repainting traffic lines down the center of a country highway ravaged by wildfire. As they sink into their job in the remarkable landscape, they learn more than they want to about each other and their own limitations. (more…)

‘Admission’ manages to avoid academic probation


Admission-MovieNew in theaters today, Mar 22 2013, is the newest film from the man behind Being Flynn, About a Boy and the original American Pie, director Paul Weitz, Admission. The comedy features Tina Fey hot off her final episodes of the smash hit TV series 30 Rock and comedy’s everyman Paul Rudd in a story about an admissions facilitator and a passionate teacher. So how does the film fare in making the grade?


Starring: Tina Fey, Paul Rudd, Nat Wolff, Gloria Reuben, Wallace Shawn, Michael Sheen and Lily Tomlin

Written by Karen Croner based on the novel by Jean Hanff Korelitz

Directed by Paul Weitz

Admission (more…)

Judd Apatow proclaims that “This Is 40” (Review)

this_is_40 banner


This Is 40 (2012)

Starring Paul RuddLeslie Mann, Megan Fox, Maude Apatow, Iris Apatow, Chris O’Dowd, Jason SegelMelissa McCarthy, Graham Parker, Lena Dunham, Annie Mumolo, Robert Smigel, Charlyne Yi, Lisa Darr with John Lithgow and Albert Brooks

Written and Directed by Judd Apatow

With This is 40, Judd Apatow’s latest directorial effort, we delve back in to the world that he created years ago with “Knocked Up”, this time focusing on the lives of Pete and Debbie instead of Seth Rogen and Katherine Heigel’s Ben and Allison. In fact Rogen and Heigl are completely missing from the entire film this time around. The real question is can Apatow craft a successful follow up to “Knocked Up” by going a completely different direction with it?

Five years after “Knocked Up” introduced us to Pete (Rudd) and Debbie (Mann), we are re-introduced to the couple approaching a milestone