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‘Junkie’ comes up short on DVD

Junkie_Payoff_Horizontal_LoRes“Junkie” is a pitch black comedy about two heavily addicted, drug addled brothers, Danny (Daniel Louis Rivas) and Nicky (Robert LaSardo). When Danny decides he’s going clean, Nicky reacts aggressively, driving Danny from one insane experience to another. As Danny’s life spirals out of control he must fight tooth and nail to kick the habit and rescue himself from the personal hell Nicky has consigned him to, whilst simultaneously attempting to repair the deeply damaged relationships with his bizarre set of friends and family.

Junkie is a bit of a mess of a film doesn’t quite get cleaned up by the end. The film starts with a very inventive title sequence that is immediately negated by a story that plays like a very poor man’s take on David Fincher’s Fight Club. In fact the entire first half of the just over 80  (more…)

Anchor Bay unleashes ‘Girls Against Boys’ on Blu-ray



New to DVD and Blu-ray from Anchor Bay Entertainment is the revenge thriller “Girls Against Boys”. The newest film from writer/director Austin Chick, Girls against boys features Danielle Panabaker in a rare bad girl role after she takes drastic actions after a sexual assault is not followed up on accordingly by the police. So how does Girls Against Boys hold up to other twisted tales of revenge?

Girls Against Boys

Starring: Danielle Panabaker, Nicole LaLiberte, Liam Atkin, Michael Stahl-David and Andrew Howard

Written and Directed by Austin Chick

After Shae (Panabaker), a college student that is having an affair with an older married man, is assaulted by several men in a matter of days she reaches her breaking point. Shae is drawn into co-worker Lu’s (LaLiberte) twisted plan for revenge against all men. (more…)