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‘Jurassic Park 3D’ brings the extinct back to the cineplex



Jurassic Park 3D Review

Starring: Sam Neil, Laura Dern, Richard AttenboroughJeff GoldblumAriana Richards, Joseph Mazzello, Bob Peck, Martin Ferrero, BD WongWayne Knight and Samuel L. Jackson

Written by David Koepp and Michael Crichton based on Crichton’s novel.

Directed by Steven Spielberg

Back in theaters 20 years after its initial release, and yes that statement may make you feel really old, is the landmark summer blockbuster from Steven Spielberg that changed how movie theaters were equipped for sound and racked up major box office dollars, Jurassic Park. Being retro fitted for 3D for this reissue, Jurassic Park still remains the most realistic film to depict dinosaurs on screen but the question is how does the 3D transfer effect the film’s visuals and does it add anything to the experience.

In case you need a refresher, Jurassic Park is the story of paleontologists Dr. Alan Grant (Neil) and Dr.  Ellie Sattler (Dern), who along with ‘Chaotician’ (more…)