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The ‘Shadow People’ aim to creep you out on Blu-ray

shadow people


New to Blu-ray and DVD from Anchor Bay Entertainment is the based on true events horror thriller Shadow People. The film stars the current co-star of AMC’s smash television show The Walking DeadDallas Roberts, the film is perfectly timed to capitalize on the show’s third season final episodes. But does this horror/thriller pack the goods?

Shadow People Blu-ray

Starring: Dallas Roberts, Alison Eastwood, Anne Dudek, Mattie Liptak, Christopher Berry and Mariah Bonner

Written and Directed by Matthew Arnold

Shadow People is about a small town radio personality named Charlie Crowe (Roberts) who unravels a conspiracy about encounters with mysterious beings. These ‘Shadow People’ were the cause of hundreds of unexplained deaths. He encounters CDC Epidemic Intelligence Agent Sophie Lancombe (more…)

‘The Walking Dead’s’ 5 most anticipated characters yet to appear on TV



With this Sunday’s (Mar 3) episode bringing back uber fan favorite Morgan Jones (Lennie James) and the appearance of comic book favorite Tyresse (Chad L. Coleman), even if he’s working with David Morrissey’s Governor for now, the influx of new characters has been on the rise for this season’s “The Walking Dead”. Even Axel (Lew Temple), with his short stay, was another character who managed to work his way in from the original comic book once the prison came into play. But the comic book just recently went past 100 issues (107 as of this article) and the group is in a much different place. (more…)