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Canadian Film Fest prepares to invade ‘Skull World’

skull world

Playing as part of this year’s Canadian Film Fest at the Royal Cinema in Toronto this week is the new documentary from the director of 2011’s The Collapsed Justin McConnell, Skull World. The film, playing Friday Mar 22 2013, is the tale of one man’s dreams and obsession over the growing phenomenon known as Box Wars.

Skull World

Starring: Greg “Skull Man” Sommer

Directed by Justin McConnell

An enterprising man in his early 30s Greg, and his alter-ego Skull Man, is at war, ‘Box Wars’ that is. Step into Greg’s world full of warriors, magic, glory, and metal music. Greg is e founder and developer of the Canadian-chapter of Box Wars, an international (more…)

Canadian Film Fest Mini Reviews



Canadian Film Fest Mini Reviews

Starting Wednesday Mar 20 2013, and running for 4 days at the Royal cinema in Toronto, is the 7th edition of the Canadian Film Fest. The fest aims to feature the best available from the Canadian film scene and promote Canadian Film and Film production on the whole. The fest features a number of panels on filmmaking and the state of the Canadian Film Industry to compliment the 6 features and 19 shorts in the program. (more…)