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Top 20… err 23 movies of 2012 part 3 (Examiner)


Top 20… err 23 movies of 2012 part 3

#’s 10-6

Starting with the # 21 –16th and # 15-11thranked movies published recently, we are counting down the top films of 2012, as ranked by yours truly. The list will be made up of films seen in the calendar year of 2012, whether during a regular theatrical release or the film festival circuit.

Just a quick preface, there will be a handful of films that will not appear on this list simply due to the lack of being able to see them before this list was made. These include critical favorites Argo, The Imposter, Lincoln, Life of Pi and The Impossible. Now to continue with the list.

#10 – Cabin in the Woods

The second Joss Whedon entry in this list is the film he wrote and produced while Drew Goddard directed that turned the horror genre on (more…)

TAD 2012: Resolution Review


Toronto After Dark Film Festival 2012

Resolution (2012)

Starring Peter Cilella, Vinny Curran, Zahn McClarnon

Written by Justin Benson

Directed by Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead

Resolution, the hit film from the Tribeca and Fantasia festivals made its Toronto debut at Toronto After Dark 2012. Another cabin in the woods style thriller in a year that has also given us ‘Cabin in the Woods’, Resolution is a smaller more compact story that strives to tell an equally intense and original story. But the question is can they succeed?

Mike (Cilella) receives a deranged video via email from his junkie friend Chris (Curran)……………………………… (more…)