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‘Bangkok Revenge’ fails to pack a punch on DVD

bangkok revenge posterNew this week from Well Go USA is the French/Thai co-production that marks the feature film directorial debut of actor Jean-Marc Minéo, Bangkok Revenge. Originally released under the title “Rebirth”, the film features actor/stuntman John Foo, star of the 2010 live action “Tekken” film, as a one man destruction force fighting his way through Thailand. The big question is how does Bangkok Revenge stack up against the plethora of action films coming out of Thailand and other Asian countries?

Bangkok Revenge DVD Review

Starring: John Foo, Caroline Ducey and Michael Cohen

Written and Directed by Jean-Marc Minéo        

Bangkok revenge 1A young boy left for dead by the assassins who killed his parents is taken under the wing of a martial-arts master and shaped into a lethal killing machine with an insatiable appetite for revenge. As a ten-year-old child, Manit (Foo) saw his parents murdered in cold blood. When the killers were finished, they put a gun to his head, and pulled the trigger. Incredibly, Manit survived, though the bullet in his brain left him devoid of all emotion. Subsequently adopted by a kindly martial-arts master, Manit trained tirelessly for the next 20 years, always knowing that the day would come when he would bring his parent’s killers to justice. When the time comes to embrace his destiny, Manit embarks on a violent quest for vengeance that brings the entire Bangkok underworld crumbling down. (more…)