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‘Mourning Has Broken’ at the Royal

Mourning Has Broken, the new Canadian independent feature from the directing duo of Brett and Jason Butler aka the Butler Brothers, starts a week long run at the Royal Cinema in Toronto. The film features a simple premise as it follows Toronto based indie acting icon Robert Nolan as he tries to get through the day after discovering his wife has died.

 The movie works brilliantly on many different levels, ranging from the comedic opening scene to some heart wrenchingly beautiful shots that convey the emotions of the main character. Robert Nolan’s character, simply referred to as Husband, attempts to complete a “To-do list” in his day while avoiding returning home to face the facts of his wife’s passing, throughout the day these simple tasks turn into a series of little nightmares for him. The Butler’s do a fantastic job of making these everyday tasks into thought provoking and character defining moments that push the story further into a final scene that will certainly tug at the heart strings and have you emotionally invested.

TapedIt’s tough to say anything about the movie without praising Robert Nolan’s performance as it really is the central part of Mourning Has Broken. Nolan manages to bring intensity to the film that shifts from lighthearted to downright dramatic at a moment’s notice and he still manages to keep the audience invested. The movie is a character driven piece that suits Nolan perfectly as the role feels tailor made for the established and venerable character actor. The film will also resonate with those that have experienced any form of loss in their lives as the writers do a fantastic job keeping the tonal shifts interesting and never letting it feel sloppy or confused.

 There are scenes that play out nearly pitch perfect, and it’s the audience will easily find ways to reflect on these situations, especially if they have occurred in their own lives, including overcharging mechanics and obnoxious salespeople. In the end, Mourning Has Broken takes a charming, hilarious, and heartbreaking approach to the challenges of life. Do yourself a favour and see Mourning has Broken, you won’t regret it. (David Edwards)

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