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ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED AT DORK SHELF follows the parallel stories of character trying to change their lives via Internet dating sites in Bulgaria.  This film is about love at first (virtual) sight in all its forms – the inevitable, mystic and inexplicable love, as well as the superficial. The film tracks multiple couples trying to make their first forays into the online dating world, examining the possible dangers of underage users on sites, the anonymity of site clients, and the possibility that the person you are talking to may not be that unfamiliar.

The film doesn’t quite know what it wants to be- tear jerking emotional roller coaster, romantic comedy, serious drama- and in the end it fails to be any of them. Attempting a plot along the lines of Valentine`s Day, where eventually we discover how everyone is connected, the film stretches a little too thin , making tenuous and tedious connections between some characters just to include them into the story. A story with a failing marriage seems to work best, but most of the others just stagnate without much to do or add.

With characters that have nothing to work with, the audience is left with no one to get involved with. It’s more likely to inspire people to watch the clock than the films finale. It all falls flat with a tremendous thud.

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