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Catch Hellaware at the Revue tonight for FREE (Review)

Hellaware Review


Playing tonight as part of the Refocus series at the Revue Cinema is Michael M. Bilandic’s Hellaware. The film is an almost mumblecore style interpretation of the absurdities that can abound in the art world and how one unmotivated slacker uses the ill-focused energy of a local and group of rappers with dubious talent level for his own financial end.

Nate (Keith Poulson, Somebody Up There Likes Me) is a young photographer who wants to break into the New York City art scene. Yet instead of building a portfolio like other artists in his position he spends his time putting down other artists’ work. After  Nate sees a music video called “I’LL CUT YO DICK OFF”, he discovers his new muses—a group of teenaged horror-rappers from Delaware—the Young Torture Killaz (think a young Insane Clown Posse). Soon Nate begins to travel to Delaware and photograph the teens under the guise of wanting to help further their careers, but these kids may not be the dupes he originally made them out to be.

hellaware_600Hellaware is a fun little oddity that should charm audiences willing to give it a chance. The performance from Poulson is very good as his Nate is equal parts slacker and douchebag, though not enough that you will hate him outright, so that when his comeuppance does occur it feels justified. Of course the art world has the last say, and ultimately Nate and the Young Torture Killaz can laugh in the face of the hypocrisy. The music is terrible, but earnest and full of a type of slacker energy that can be infectious. The short running time also makes the film an easy watch as the pacing runs at a brisk clip and there is little wasted momentum throughout.

The free price should make this a no brainer, free films are always welcome, and the fact that this little film is an entertaining watch should be enough to seal the deal. If you are looking for some last minute fun ideas, than tonight’s offering at the revue should fit the bill nicely.

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