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‘Tormented 3D’ marks a return to form for Takashi Shimizu



Back in 2002, in the middle of the boom of the Japanese Horror (J-Horror for short) craze in North America that arrived after the release of “The Ring” remake, director Takashi Shimizureleased his blockbuster smash Ju-on: The Grudge. For a while Shimizu was on top of the genre with the Ju-on sequel and the American remakes that he directed himself. But ever since the lackluster results of the Grudge 2 American sequel, Shimizu has failed to recapture the acclaim he once had in North American with a string of disappointing films that have not connected with audiences. New to Blu-ray from Well Go USA Entertainment, Tormented aims to mark a return to form for Shimizu and re-establish his name as a leader in the genre.

Tormented 3D Blu-ray Review

Starring: Hikari Mitsushima, Takeru Shibuya, Tamaki Ogawa, Teruyuki Kagawa and Nao Ohmori

Written by Sôtarô Hayashi, Daisuke Hosaka and Takashi Shimizu

Directed by Takashi Shimizu

Daigo (Shibuya) doesn’t speak anymore, not since he killed that rabbit on the playground at school.


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