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PUBCast!! Dead Air Podcast Bonus Episode Live from Toronto After Dark 2012

Hello All. Jeff Konopka and I have a bonus surprise for you guys!! We have a live podcast straight from the Pauper’s Pub at Pub After Dark at Toronto After Dark Film Festival. You’ll get a great taste of what a Pub After Dark is really like with all sorts of fantastic guests. You’ll get to hear from the Directors and Cast members of the films Resolution, Crave, Eviction and Game of Werewolves. Plus other pub goers and fellow bloggers alike. THIS IS A HELL OF A FUN LISTEN! Enjoy 🙂

Here’s The link : Dead Air Bonus Podcast!

And a Couple of Pics to Enjoy!

Jeff, Kirk and the Resolution Guys

Jeff Konopka, Kirk Haviland, Aaron Moorehead, Vinny Curran, Peter Cilella and Justin Benson

Jeff, Kirk and Eviction Guys

Jeff Konopka, Kirk Haviland, Justin McConnell and Robert Nolan

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