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Unfinished spaces

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Unfinished Spaces (2011)

Starring: Vittorio Garatti, Roberto Gottardi and Ricardo Porro

Directed by Benjamin Murray and  Alysa Nahmias

The Cuban National Schools of Art was an ambitious project born of the Cuba Revolution and the imagination of its leader Fidel Castro. Years later they were abandoned, deemed frivolous and unnecessary by the Cuban government, so they were left in an unfinished state even though classes were already underway and continued to take place for decades to follow as the buildings decayed around them.

In 1961, shortly after driving Bautista out of office, Fidel Castro and Che Guevara, while out and about in Havana, decide to stop in at the most luxurious of Golf courses in the city to participate in a round of “the game of the idle rich”.  While failing to fall in love with the Sport, Castro did fall in love with the land and asked Che what…

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