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Summer Preview 2

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The Amazing Spider-Man (July 3rd)

So we are already getting a reboot of the Spider-Man franchise, a move Sony has made to ensure that the web slinger’s movie rights don’t revert back to Marvel’s control. But I must admit, with every new trailer that hits the web I actually become more interested in seeing this.

Savages (July 6th)

Oliver Stone directing a film about 2 drug dealers on a Mickey and Mallory sized killing spree to get back their mutual girlfriend? Sign me up!

The Queen of Versailles (July 6th Limited)

The Hot Docs 2012 hit, and one of our own Dave Voigt’s faves of the fest, makes it to theaters in a limited run. Seek it out.

Ice Age: Continental Drift (July 13th)

Well at least Scrat is fun.


Seth McFarlane, creator of Family Guy, makes his feature directorial debut…

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