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Lovely Molly Review (Kirk Haviland)

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Lovely Molly (2011)

Starring Gretchen Lodge, Johnny Lewis and Alexandra Holden

Written by Eduardo Sanchez and Jamie Nash

Directed by Eduardo Sanchez

In 1999 Eduardo Sanchez practically invented the now booming “found-footage” style of filmmaking with his massively successful Blair Witch Project. Now he’s back with another supernatural thriller that, while using some of the found-footage style of filmmaking, uses a more linear style and documents the rapid descent into madness of its lead character.

Lovely Molly starts with a montage of the wedding of Molly (Lodge) and Tim (Lewis) and them moving into the family house. Shortly after this sequence we are witness to the first incident that happens. Through this we discover that the couple have been living there three months. Tim is a long-haul driver, gone for stretches at a time, and the house as it turns out was the scene of the demise of Molly’s father…

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